Our vision, mission and areas of impact

Weatherden is a leading early clinical development company with a unique model providing partners with rapid, expert, high-quality drug development solutions. Facilitated by global relationships with external experts in all therapeutic areas, Weatherden’s experience extends to all aspects of translational drug discovery and development.

Our focus

Emerging Biotech and small-to-medium Biopharma companies

Programmes targeting diseases resulting in major morbidity and mortality with significant unmet need

Novel platforms and technologies

Precision medicines

Build companies around novel scientific ideas

Blending more than 150 years’ experience across the R&D chain, Weatherden is clinician-led and specialises in de-risking drug discovery and drug development across all therapeutic areas. Our teams execute target discovery and target re/validation programs in commercial and academic settings across North America and Europe, bringing new drugs to market, retargeting existing products, and realising the potential of unexplored ideas.

Our four key pillars of success


  • Genomic data
  • Functional experts
  • Leading KOLs
  • Human studies


  • Evidence
  • Medical need
  • Clinical feasibility
  • Competition


  • Leading clinicians
  • Selection strategies
  • Right assays

Right decision & execution

  • Adaptive design
  • Bayesian analyses
  • Clinical trial network
  • Biomarker platforms